Work of buildings
  • interior design, architecture, planning, monitoring and implementation of projects of residential and administrative buildings renovated and modern design and specialized cottages, office and old houses, modify maps repetitive design and implementation of green spaces, interior decoration and layout of the building facade design and execution of home and office  
  • destruction, Architecture, Building, Dyvarchyny, retrofitting buildings Chinese drywall plaster stucco, cement, stone  
  • Modify the building, reconstruction of facades, glass facades, spider, Krtnval view, facades, antique stone façade building with regular stones, rubble, combined Jrvsng, marble, travertine , granite, composite  
  • health commodity procurement and transportation of building materials and construction, cement, bricks, blocks, tiles, clay, plaster, gravel, sinks, pipes, fittings, valves, ceramics, carrying trash  
  • tiling, ceramics business services, tessellation area, rooftop garden and other spaces, landscaping