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Unique is proud after 14 years of activity in the country now, with the benefit of architects and building industry professionals and specialists using the newest materials available in the market proceeded to design the facade and Interior, construction and reconstruction of residential, Office and commercial spaces, etc. .. Modern and classic manner .

The other being the intellectual, emotional and religious preferences of the employer for our group is very important to this case, that at the beginning of the design of all these principles through forms, surveys and reviews at the stage of design and implementation, a component to the component to be considered.

And in the end, the gold tip about us: the slogan of the Department of architecture and interior design Unique , a strong work and customer satisfaction.

Examples of our work in the projects and photo gallery visit and for more information and a free consultation with a professional design group designers, call Unique.

January 4, 2017

Antique Stone

January 4, 2017


January 4, 2017


January 4, 2017